Episode 02: 44 North Coffee & Yarn & Cloth Clothier

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Chant with me now. Episode 2! Episode 2! Episode 2! I am so amped to have these two very special guests with us today. I’m also amped because I’m on my third cup of 44 North coffee, but I digress…

My first guest on today’s episode is a company I’ve been following for a long time. 44 North Coffee is a roastery on Deer Isle, Maine where they are putting together small batches of responsibly sourced and fair-trade coffee. There are lots of challenges and benefits to running a business on an island, according to Melissa Raftery and Megan Wood, the founder of 44 North. They also teach me how to nail the perfect cup of coffee which I will be forever grateful to them for.

My second guest is Melissa Sailer, the seamstress and designer behind Yarn & Cloth, the hippest kids clothing line around. I got to chat with Melissa (and her two-year-old son) about what inspires her and how to seek out heirloom quality clothes in a fast fashion world.


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