Episode 05: Lucid Skis & Maine Warmers

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Lucid SkisWinter isn’t over yet, people. Not even close! To get us prepared for the next slaughtering of snow, I’ve got two need-to-know Maine makers for you.

Lucid Skis are handcrafted right here in Maine to handle everything from fresh powder to frozen ground. They’re sustainably built and sleek. I chatted with one of the owners, EJ Martin while he was where else, but on a ski mountain. With a bad leg. You really can’t stop these guys to the commitment to their craft.

And what do you need when you’re done from a day of skiing? Yes. A whiskey on the rocks. But more than that, something to ease your aching bones. Maine Warmers has been around for 15 years and has been a staple for soreness all over the country.


Lucid Skis Shop / Facebook / Instagram
Maine Warmers / Facebook / Instagram

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