How to Make A Good Cup of Cider

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Cider Time PressIt has been an apple season of epic proportions here in Maine. If your trees are still brimming with plentiful pommes, it’s not too late to get some hard (or soft) cider going. Here are some of the top tips from the folks of Cider Time Press, the world’s first portable cider press that’s made right here in Maine.

Choosing Apples:
The best cider has a balance between sweetness and tartness. Often, cider producers will blend different apples together to get the right combination. Finding “your” blend is just a matter of experimentation, and experimenting will be a delicious endeavor!

Always wash the apples in cold water prior to grinding. Never use rotten or bruised fruit. You’ll need to cut the apple in half before grinding. The seeds and stems are small enough to pass through the grinder without being crushed, so they cannot alter the flavor of the juice. The nylon pressing bag will trap these particles.

Set Up Press:
Stretch nylon bag over the barrel and hang grinder on the cross bar. Position the barrel beneath the grinder to catch mash.

Grind Apples: 
Set press on a solid level surface. Feed cut apples into the grinder while rotating the handle. Continue to grind apples until the barrel is full of mash.

Press Apples: 
Place a container under the spout to capture the juice. Remove Grinder from the cross bar and place the press plate over the mash. Align barrel with the screw and turn the wooden auger to squeeze juice from the mash. Continue to turn until the juice stops flowing. Use caution to not over tighten.

Thanks to Cider Time Press for the tips! Learn more about apple pressing, cider making and more from Cider Time Press on our first episode of MM! Stay tuned!

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