Episode 11 – Jesse Davisson, Ben Lovell, and Liz Lovell

On today’s episode, we traveled very far (we didn’t travel far at all) to hang out with Ben, Liz, and Jesse, owners of North Haven Brewery. These islanders are brewing up some beers that are well worth the one-hour ferry ride. They tell us all about the pains of starting a business, how to transport kegs in a rowboat and weigh in on what’s next for the business.

Episode 10 – Claire Donnelly

Yep, that’s right. This week Laura had a short chat with Claire about her brand new business venture Miriam Starling. Follow along as Claire launches a new sustainable hemp apparel brand for kids. It’s a family biz, and made right here in Maine.  We chat about sourcing, funding and a lot about sustainability in the fashion industry.

Also, if you have just started a business here in Maine and have questions or want to share your story with us shoot us an email at hey@mainemadepodcast.com.


Episode 9 – Mike LaVecchia

Mike is a wooden boat builder, turned wooden surfboard builder, and the founder of Grain Surfboards. We chatted about the early days of snowboarding in the mid-eighties in Vermont, to how in 2005 Mike went on a mission to build a surfboard without a lot of nasty chemicals, which turned into the successful business he is still running today.


Episode 8 – Michael Gaffney and Brittney Bollard

This week we have a very special treat. From the depths of the internet, we found the first episode Laura every recorded for the podcast back in 2015.

In this episode, Laura chats with Michael Gaffney of Seawicks Candles and Brittney Bollard of Cider Time Press. They are both great stories and definitely worth revisiting.


Episode 7 – Phil and Amy Taisey

Phil and Amy Taisey of Amalgam Ski’s are a rad husband and wife team and makers of some of the best skis made specifically for east coast skiing. They are ride or die Sugarloafers (and no, Sugarloaf did not sponsor this episode – but they should have 😉 ) and these two just truly know how to enjoy a Maine winter.

Check out their skis at: www.amalgamskis.com

And new this week is our theme song! Written and performed by Courtney Naliboff and recorded by Bill Trevaskis. You can check more of Courtney’s work here: courtneynaliboff.com

Episode 6 – Mike St. Pierre

Mike St. Pierre is the founder and CEO of Hyperlite Mountain Gear. Mike is not a native Mainer but probably knows the Maine wilderness better than most. He is his own product tester and has somehow figured out how to balance running a successful business and while still spending quite a bit of time running around the mountains of Maine. Here is a link to his backcountry margarita recipe which feels v important to share:

Cinco de Mayo: Backcountry Hydration Essentials

Episode 4 – Charley Friedman

Charley Friedman started stitching sailcloth wallets over a decade ago out of his parents’ house on Peaks Island. Now Flowfold is known all over the world for being a successful outdoor brand. We chatted with Charley about how his business has changed over the years and how his post-college venture has since grown into an established Maine brand.

Episode 3 – Brian Kevin

Brian Kevin is the Editor-in-Chief of Down East Magazine. He’s not originally from Maine, but he writes about it all the time. We chatted with Brian about how print is definitely not dead and his best advice for emerging writers. Plus, we go head-to-head in the battle for Anna Kendrick. Will she wind up on our podcast before his? Cast your vote if you’re on #teammainemadepodcast