Maine Made podcast was the brainchild of Laura Serino. Back in 2016, she recorded four episodes which have been lost in the darkest corners of the internet.

Summer of 2018 she teamed up with Claire Donnelly and coming soon will be the second season and first full season.

We are excited to bring you stories from makers, artists, business people and just rad people doing rad things in this beautiful state we call home (Maine).

If you know anyone you think would make for a great interview we would love your suggestions. Pitch us an interview here.

Laura is a mom, entrepreneur, copywriter and a self-proclaimed “cat lady”. You can check out her other ventures here: @Island Apothecary and @North Haven Mercantile.

Claire is a photographer, strategic designer, and also an entrepreneur. You can check out her other venture here: @Miriam Starling and @Cedonnelly